A counselor must not leave a client just like that. He/she must do follow up to see if the patient is still adjusting or adjusting well.
After a patient has completed their rehabilitation program, they are not finished with recovery. In fact, recovery is a lifelong process that an addict must work at for the rest of their life. Sometimes, the path to lifelong recovery will be easy; other times, it will be difficult for individuals to withstand the temptation to relapse. Like anything in life, it’s a journey that may feature varying terrain so lifelong support is essential.
The follow-up service ensures that the Patient has learned appropriate behaviors and decisions regarding his/her problem or need.
Mukti offer follow-up programs to assist the patient as they return to normal life. These may include weekend stays back at the rehab center when the individual feels a touch-up stay is needed. Or a patient may live in a sober living facility for a while with other recovering addicts before returning home. While in a sober living facility, recovering addicts perform chores, work at an outside job and participate in group therapy sessions. This offers a supportive transitional time for recovering addicts before being thrown back into “normal” life.