best Drug treatment in dhaka
best Drug treatment Center in dhaka
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Welcome to Mukti Drug Helpline Ltd.

MUKTI the first center for the treatment of Drug addiction treatment center in Bangladesh was officially opened on February 27, 1988, in a small rented house in Eskaton, Dhaka. A young Medical Graduate Dr. Ali Asker Quoreshi founded it. Today, MUKTI is located at New Elephant Road, Dhaka and has assumed the leadership role in organizing Prevention, Treatment, Rehab Facilities & Anti-Drug Campaign in Bangladesh in the field of Drug Demand Reduction.

“Mukti” Best Rehab Center Hospital In Dhaka,
we treat both drug addiction and mental illness. The new generation faces some dangerous addictions. In the midst of this, drug injection is a dangerous addiction. Don’t say drugs. We focus on providing the most effective treatment methods, including the use of evidence-based practices and alcohol and drug rehab treatments have clinically proven to work.

Mukti Personalized Plans

Our team of highly qualified alcohol and drug rehab counselors work hard to understand each person’s unique needs and circumstances. MUKTI’s customized treatment plans take into consideration each individual’s substance abuse and mental health concerns, as well as lifestyle and daily commitments. At MUKTI drug Treatment Center, we have a track record of making a real-life difference for our residents and their loved ones. This is not only our mission, but also our promise, and why leading specialists who treat eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and drug addiction, and other co-occurring disorders recognize MUKTI drug treatment success and recommend their patients to us. They trust that each patient under our care.

Mukti Treatment That Makes a Real-Life Difference

What kind of drugs did he use, such as alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, Yaba (Methamphetamine), sleeping pills, etc? What kind of physical and mental side effects would occur as a result of taking these drugs? For this, a special role is played by understanding the condition of the drug and what kind of treatment should be applied to the drug user. (In short, the treatment may be different depending on the patient). Mukti is famous and best Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka.

Best Rehab Center Hospital In Dhaka

best rehab center in bd
best rehab center in dhaka
best rehab center in bd
rehab center in dhaka
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Drug treatment Center in dhaka
best rehab center in bd