Father’s Name: Late Dr. Fazlul Haq Quoreshi.
Mother’s Name: Late Syeda Halima Khatun

1991- 1993
Post Graduate Psychiatric training
University of Columbia, New York, USA.
Post Graduate Training
Maudsley, British psychiatric hospital ( since 1907)
(Largest and Oldest mental health training institution in the UK)
Denmark Hill , London.
MSc in Clinical and Public Health aspect of Addiction
King’s College. University of London.
Since 1991
Attend Seminar, Conference
and Guest Lecture/Speaker
USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, France, New Zealand.

Present Activities:
Initiated The Mass Awareness Programme By Distributing Thousands Of Leaflets Among The People Of The Whole Country. Distributed Leaflets Narrating The Common Symptoms Of Substance Abuse, So That The People Can Identify The Abuser Within Themselves. Providing Counseling Services To Parents, Guardians To Help The Ex Addicts To Rehabilitate Them In The Society Both Financially And Socially. Introduced 24 Hours On Line Help Services To The Drug Abuser. Providing Training Services To Create A Grass Root Level Social Workers To Help The Drug Abuser By Providing Follow Up Services And To Identify The Defaulters.
Established The ‘ Dope Test Centre’, Which Is The Only One Of Its Kind In The Country. Delivering Lectures In The Training Programme Organized By C.T.C For The Physicians And Technical Personnel. Collaborated In The Research Programme On Drug Abuser, Their Relation With HIV,STD And Hepatitis B.
Several Programme Over B.T.V, ETV, ATN Channel I, Was Telecasted Over The Topic Of Drug Abuse Where Different Aspects Of Drug Abuse Were Discussed. Has Been Working All The Way With All Ngos And Government Agencies Responsible For Providing Services For The Drug Abuser. Always In Touch With International Agencies Responsible For Providing Services For The Drug Abuser. Always In Touch With International Agencies Working In The Same Field And Sharing The Experience With There. Engaged in awareness building, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the drug victims. MUKTI felt that mass awareness may be strongest weapon to reduce effect of drug abuse. MUKTI from its very start has started awareness programme amongst the public. The issues of campaigning or mass education are ill affect of drug through arranging rallies, delivering lectures, arranging symposium and seminars and round table conference.
Making treatment economically affordable and culturally acceptable to general public without compromising with quality.